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Denplan Payment Plans are designed to keep you dentally fit with regular dental visits with a strong focus on preventive dentistry. 

Wandsworth Denplan payment plans help you budget for your personal dental care.

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Focuses on Preventive Dentistry


Regular visits ensure that your dental health continues to be monitored and maintained. This can reduce the need for treatment in the future.

Plans Tailored For You



Different Denplan payment plans are available to suit your dental needs and budget.

Affordable Monthly Payments


Spread the cost of your regular dental visits. This allows you to easily budget for your oral health and have regular access to a dentist.

With over 2 million registered patients in the UK, discover the benefits that make Denplan so popular.

Denplan Essentials

Denplan Care Plans

Denplan Care Plans (Includes all treatment except for cosmetic treatment and specialist treatment to include implants)


Our dentists along with Denplan will be able to calculate what Fee Code is suitable for the patients.



About Denplan


Denplan is designed to help our patients, not only spread the cost of their treatment and save money, but more importantly is to allow for regular check-ups and hygiene visits to maintain a stable oral health.

'Prevention Before Cure' is our motto and we hope to help our patients maintain good oral health, without the need for larger and more complex treatment plans.

Our dental experts are happy to guide you in choosing the right plan for you, feel free to ask our friendly team about Denplan and we would be happy to assist.

With the added option of 'supplementary insurance' that will cover you for accidental dental injury or a dental emergency for a small extra fee. - Up to £450 to temporary emergency treatment in the UK, when you’re more than 40 miles from your registered dental practice.

- Up to £470 for temporary emergency treatment received abroad, anywhere in the world and specified worldwide dental injury cover.
- Cover toward treatment costs if you have a dental injury.
- Access to our exclusive 24 hour Worldwide
- Dental Emergency Helpline. - Cover for out of hours consultations in the event of a dental injury or dental emergency.
- A hospital cash benefit if you are admitted overnight for dental treatment. - Mouth cancer cover up to £12,000.

There are other plans for hygiene treatment only.

The Tabeo Care Plans

Denplan FAQs

Is Denplan cost effective?

Having a Denplan both convienent and cost effective. You have regular access to dental appointments which allow the dentist to closley monitor all aspects of your dental health. Many costly treatment can be avoided by focusing on dental prevention. This also allows the dentist to detect and solve any dental problems at an early stage.

Will I lose access to NHS dentistry?

Having a Denplan will have no effect on your access to NHS dentistry.

I need dental treatment, will Denplan still a good idea?

Denplan is aimed at maintaining your oral health. For this reason we would advise for all treatment to be completed before signing up for a Denplan.

Is Denplan a dental insurance policy?

No. Denplan is a contract between you and your dentist that allows you access to ongoing prevantive dental care. However, Denplan can arrange on your behalf, supplementary insurance which provides cover towards the cost of treatment required if you suffer a dental injury or dental emergency. For more information about Denplan supplementary insurance click here.