Dental Fillings in Wandsworth | Most Dependable Dental Fillings Options

Dental fillings are essential for the maintenance and appearance of your teeth. Our dentist at Wandsworth Dental Centre provides you with various tooth fillings, including silver, gold, and composite. If you live in the Wandsworth area, you can visit  Wandsworth Dental Centre for the best options for dental fillings.

Various Dental Fillings Options

We have all the varieties and options for our patients. Among the most common dental fillings are amalgam and composite fillings. These materials have been used for more than a century and are considered the best option for filling cavities. However, they can be visible when you smile, so you may want to avoid them if possible. We have another glass ionomer option, an amalgam of glass and acrylic.

The most common type of tooth-colored dental fillings in Wandsworth are made of gold or silver. This type of filling is used to restore a tooth that has been damaged by decay. It can be made of different materials. 

For example, you can choose to have gold tooth-colored dental fillings. While gold tooth-colored fillings are more expensive, they usually require two appointments. If you opt for a white filling, you should consider replacing it.

Deep fillings may require further treatment. It is essential to choose the right option for your individual needs. If you need a deep filling, choose a less dangerous option, and we provide you with the finest of options to look for.

Choose According to Your Preference

Choosing between metal and composite fillings can make a huge difference in your smile. Both types of fillings will improve your oral health. A metal filling is visible against white teeth, so you’ll be able to tell if it’s there or not. But, you’ll also be able to make the best choice based on your preference. You’ll be happy with your smile again, and you’ll feel confident with your beautiful teeth.

A tooth-colored filling is an attractive and permanent option for your smile. It also requires less tooth removal. But, it is essential to keep in mind that this method is not permanent. You must have two or three appointments to have it done. If you have a gold-filled tooth, it will need to be replaced in two to three years. That means your new filling isn’t permanent.

Keeping Discomfort to Low Level

A simple filling is the least painful dental procedure. If the damage is severe, a filling will take only a few minutes. We usually follow local anesthesia, which is helpful for patients with extreme dental anxiety. 

The procedure is usually painless, and you will only experience a minimal amount of discomfort during the process. It is a minimally invasive treatment that does not require any anesthesia, so if you search for an emergency dentist near me, then Wandsworth Dental Centre is the best place to rely upon.

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