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Teeth whitening for beautiful smile

Teeth Whitening


One of the first things that people notice about you are your teeth and smile. They are important for our health and daily life. Most of us would like our teeth to not only be healthy, but to look great as well. How white your teeth look makes a difference. Fortunately, with whitening treatment this is something you can control and change.  Give your teeth a whiter, brighter and healthier appearance at Wandsworth Dental Centre.

Benefits of Teeth Whitening

A brighter and younger smile

Appear more attractive and beautiful

Most cost-effective treatment to dramatically improve your smile

Create memorable first impressions

Boost your self-confidence and self-esteem

Non-invasive easy to carry out and has predictable results

Remove discolourations and stains on teeth

Look your best for big days like weddings or job interviews

smoking can stain teeth
Red Wine can stain teeth

Common causes of teeth staining

Tumeric can stain teeth
Coffee can stain teeth

  • Dark coloured and stain prone foods such as beetroot, chocolate, tomato sauces, and spices such as turmeric.

  • Prolonged use of chlorhexidine mouthwash

  • Certain antibiotics such as tetracycline if taken under the age of 12

  • Intake of tobacco, whether through cigarettes, roll ups or hookah

  • Dark coloured drinks such as red wine, black coffee/tea and soy sauce.

The Teeth Whitening process

First appointment

At the initial assessment, your dentist will assess your suitability for teeth whitening and discuss any points that need further consideration.

By taking the current shade of your teeth, the dentist can give you a clear idea of the expected results you can achieve.

If you are happy to commence with the whitening treatment, the dentist will take impressions of your teeth. These impressions will be sent to a dental laboratory and are used to make the custom-made whitening trays that you will later use to whiten your teeth. It usually takes 2 weeks for the whitening trays to come back.

teeth-whitening before and after.jpg
Teeth whitening

Second appointment

The dentist will first check the custom-made trays fit your teeth correctly. You will then be advised on how to safely carry out the whitening treatment. Your dentist will advise you on what to do before placing the trays in your mouth.  And also how to adequately place the gel in the whitening trays.

What are the recommended wear times?

When using the Zoom DayWhite system, recommended wear time is 30mins twice daily. Optimal results will be achieved after 1-2 weeks.

With the Zoom NiteWhite system, recommended wear time is 4-6 hours or overnight. For optimal results will be achieved after 2-3 weeks.

General Aftercare

It is important to maintain routine check-ups with your dentist, normally twice a year. This is to ensure your teeth and gums remain healthy and strong.

Brush twice daily and floss to effectively remove the plaque on your teeth.

We recommend using normal toothpastes after completing treatment. There is no need to use whitening toothpastes. 

Are teeth whitening kits safe?


Teeth whitening should always be carried out under the supervision of a dental professional. When conducted properly, it is a very safe procedure with predictable results. During treatment, your teeth can become temporarily sensitive to hot and cold. The Zoom whitening gel has potassium nitrate integrated into the gel to reduce sensitivity during treatment. Potassium nitrate is the same ingredient used in many desensitising toothpastes. 

Check with dental professional if using the kit is suitable for you.

teeth whitening kit
  • What is the cost of lip filler treatment?
    Lip filler treatment starts from £150 per session. 0% finance payment options are available for all our cosmetic treatments at Wandsworth Dental Centre.
  • Does lip filler treatment hurt?
    There is useally some minor discomfort during the procedure. Many dermal fillers contain lidocaine, which is a local anaesthetic. Further measures can be taken to make the comsmetic procedure as comfortable as possible such as applying mumbing cream to the areas of treatment. A complete nerve block may be carried out similar to that of traditional dental procedures. This will completely remove all sensations during treatment. With the right highly trained clinician, lip filler treatment should be a fairly comfortable treatment to carry out.
  • How long does lip filler treatment takes?
    There is an initial consultation, where one of our highly trained clinicians will carry out a facial analysis and discuss what you'd like to achieve and your treatment options. Treatment appointment times typically take around 30 minutes.
  • What are the aftercare Instructions?
    Avoid using make-up and lip balms for a minimum of 2 hours. Aboid activities involving extreme heats such as sauna, steam rooms and sun beds until any swelling subsides. A cold pack or ice may be used to help reduce any initial swelling. A review appointment may be arranged after your first treatment to assess your progress.
  • How safe are dermal fillers?
    With the right highly trained cosmetic dentist, lip filler and lip augmentation procedures are a safe cosmetic procedure to carry out. For this reason it is important to ensure the treatment is carried out by an experienced and fully qualified professional with a high level of knowledge of facial anatomy. This will greatly minimise the risk of side effects and complications. This will be discussed in detail with the cosmetic dentist before any procedure is carried out.
  • What do Lip Filler injections contain?
    There are various different materials that are used for lip filler treatments. At Wandsworth Dental Centre, we only use hyaluronic acid lip fillers due to their many benefits. Hyaluronic acid is a smooth naturally occuring substance which adds volume and provides contour to your lips.
  • What are the expected results?
    Lip filler treatment will give an immediate result following the procedure. Some of the added volume in the first 24 hours is due to swelling which will quickly subside. Ice may be used to reduce this initial swelling. Within 2-3 days, lips will return to their injection volume and will then gradually soften further over 2-3 weeks to their matural, soft and full feel.
  • How long do results last?
    Results do vary with each individual, as your metabolism can affect the speed at which hyaluronic acid is broken down. A conservative estimate would be 4-6 months. Results do tend to last even longer with successive injections as it takes longer for the body to breakdown the hyaluronic acid.
  • Are there any side effects to the Lip Fillers?
    Side effects of hyaluronic lip filler cosmetic treatment are temporary and normally last 2-3 days. These include: Swelling of the lips Bleeding and tenderness at the injection sites Reactivation of cold sore at the lips
  • Will my lips go back to normal after lip filler injections?
    After a few days of possible swelling, your lips will go back to their new fuller more definced volume. And after around 6 months, your lips will go back to how they were before lip filler treatment was carried out.
  • How often can you get lip fillers?
    This can vary with every individual and should be discussed in further detail with your cosmetic dentist. As a general rule of thumb, lip fillers are often repeated every 6 months to maintain the desired shape and volume of lips. It is not uncommon that when using hyaluronic acid lip fillers that with every successive treatment, the effects last longer.
  • I have a big day coming up? When should I get lip filler treatment?
    It's all about the planning, If for example you have a wedding coming up and want to look your best, we would recommend having your cosmetic lip filler treatment at least 3 weeks before the big day. If its your first time having lip filler, we would advise having the treatment 4-6 weeks before.
  • Can I get other cosmetic treatments at the same time?
    Absolutely! It's very common for our patients to have Teeth Whitening and Botox treatments, both great ways of enhancing your natural beauty and giving you a more youthful look.
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